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Orlando Web & SEO Service is what makes a business rank well or not. It takes years of work, with thousands of hours and hundreds of pages of original content in a persons background and experience to make a successful website. A website that pushes a business ahead of the competition. I have done scores of websites that make first page for their respective keywords and I’d like to help you and your business do the same.

Orlando Web & SEO Service by Gordy Haynes is one of your best choices for an effective and affordable “Organic” internet marketing campaign. For more than 15 years now I’ve worked with, and ranked high, with my website and graphic art in all the markets I’ve chosen. To be number one when a search quarry is done for your business is critical if you’re going hold the lions share in your respective marketplace AND grow your business! An established Orlando Web & SEO Service relationship can help you do just that.

Orlando Web & SEO and First Page Ranking; 

To consistently rank on first page is a tremendous challenge and no one can do that 100% of the time, even with a PAY PER CLICK campaign.  But a strong, established SEO firm with the experience and proven results you can see and test for yourself with an ORGANIC RANKING, is the best choice for long term market success. With the Pay Per Click, when you run out of money, you disappear.

My Orlando Web & SEO Service has better than a 90% First Page Success Rate. And, while my businesses are very diverse, I now specialize in the medical and dental industries. (Though not exclusively.) 

Here are a couple websites that I own and both rank high in the medical and dental professions in Orlando. See for yourself.

Just Google:

Orlando Doctor Referral


Orlando Dental Referral

If you own a medical or dental practice, I’d like to help you with your marketing. I’m effective, affordable and I get results. I guarantee you make first page when you join our team, the same day on either www.Orlando-Doctor-Referral.com or www.Orlando-Dental-Referral.com or you pay nothing. I put your practice, medical or dental, on either of  the two websites above, the same day you join our team.


Please see my Orlando Web Services page for all I offer.

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Serving all Healthcare, Medical & Dental businesses with proven, effective, affordable Orlando Web Services.

Web Services for all Florida and “ANY” State across America.

Orlando Web & SEO Service

Orlando Web & SEO Service


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